Assistant/Associate Professor,Natural Resource Measurements, Biometrics, and/or Modeling

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Forestry, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi State University.

Responsibilities will include participation in the Department’s teaching, research, and service activities. The successful candidate will be expected to develop and/or teach undergraduate and graduate courses consistent with the level of appointment in one or more of the following areas: forest measurements, forest biometrics, environmental measurements, geographic information systems (GIS), and geospatial modeling. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an extramurally-funded research program in quantitative and/or geospatial assessment of natural resources. Appropriate areas of research could include, but are not limited to: resource inventory assessment/analysis, geospatial/statistical modeling, and related quantitative assessments in resource measurements/management. Opportunities exist for research collaboration with the USDA Forest Service and other Federal agencies, state agencies, forest industry, and forest landowners and managers.

For more information Forest Measurements Position at MSU.

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