Call For Nominations – 2019 Family Forests Education Award



Presented by the

National Woodland Owners Association

And the

National Association of University Forest Resources Programs

The National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA), in cooperation with the National Association of University Forest Resources Programs (NAUFRP), will present the annual FAMILY FORESTS EDUCATION AWARD at the 2019 Society of American Foresters (SAF) national convention in Louisville, Kentucky on October 30th.

The award will be presented to educational institutions deemed to have delivered the most effective education program benefiting family forest owners over the past five years.  Any educational institution is eligible. The award will be presented to the administrative unit where the faculty involved in the education program are located.

A family forest educational program is a combination of educational materials, media, courses, workshops, events and/or electronic media including applied research that supports those efforts, that is conducted over a period of time for the benefit of family forest owners. The award recognizes effective programs addressing any or all aspects of forest resources management including forest management, silviculture, forest health, harvesting, forest and estate planning, business management and marketing.

Nominations will be accepted for two program categories:  Individual and Comprehensive family forest education programs.  An individual program can include specialized courses, workshops, webpage, materials, etc. that address a specific family forest issue or problem.  A comprehensive family forest education program is one that includes a broad educational effort to address a diverse array of family forest issues and problems using a wide range of educational approaches and programs.

Nominations will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Faculty involved (including number and multi-disciplinary involvement)
  • Educational needs assessment (including involvement of clients)
  • Educational materials, events, and other resources used
  • Applied research incorporated
  • Collaborations among disciplines, agencies, and organizations
  • Results, impacts, or outcomes
  • Evidence of program quality
  • Degree of innovation
  • Emulation of the program by others

Applications must include a cover letter describing  how the applicant has addressed each of the above criteria.  A committee composed of both NWOA and NAUFRP members will select the winner based on an evaluation of how each of the 9 criteria above has been met. 

The deadline for receiving all materials is September 20th.

If providing only hardcopy materials, please provide at least five sets.  Nominations may be submitted electronically or by other media such as flash drive (please provide five).  Nominations and supporting documentation should be forwarded to:

NAUFRP-NWOA 2019 Family Forest Education Award

c/o Terri Bates, NAUFRP Executive Liaison

P.O. Box 2004

Falls Church, VA 22042

For further information contact Terri Bates, (703) 538-1134 (E-Mail: or Keith Argow, President, NWOA at (703) 255-2700 (

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