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The position is located at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Northern Research Station, Timber & Watershed Laboratory, Parsons, WV.

For the research hydrologist in this position, research is focused on surface hydrology, watershed management principles, and related factors and processes that affect water quality, particularly within the central Appalachian region. The duties require knowledge of forest and wildland hydrology, and all components of the hydrologic cycle and stream hydrograph in forests and wildlands. It is critical for the incumbent to understand how forest hydrology differs from many of the foundational concepts of engineering hydrology. Knowledge of inorganic chemistry and physics (especially fluvial hydraulics) are needed. Knowledge of the influence and interactions of the many components of forest catchments – vegetation, soil, geology, and atmospheric influences – are required to interpret basic biogeochemical responses that are observed in unmanaged and managed forests. An in-depth understanding of terrestrial and in-stream erosion, sediment storage, and sediment transport processes, and forestry BMPs are needed. In addition, the incumbent’s knowledge must include basic forestry and silvicultural concepts.

Some of the incumbent’s work may focus on basic research, but the majority of the incumbent’s investigations should be applied research to fulfill the Unit’s research mission and address the needs of partners and stake holders. The incumbent must work cooperatively with many internal (i.e., Forest Service) and external partners and have the ability to develop and cultivate relationships, including with land and watershed managers, university researchers, and other organizations. The incumbent also will participate in outreach and educational activities, including hosting and assisting with field trips on the Fernow Experimental Forest and providing research advice and feedback to undergraduate and graduate students.

The ability to attract research funding and to publish results in the refereed literature is fundamental to success. As a result, the incumbent must demonstrate the following abilities: acquisition of research grants or noncompetitive funding in the areas of forest hydrology and watershed management, publication of results in the refereed literature, and the ability to translate scientific findings into guidelines and techniques usable by land or watershed managers or practicing forest hydrologists.

NRS-01 functions as a team of experts, with leadership shared within the unit. The incumbent will take a leadership role with other scientists in the Unit and with external partners in matters relating to forest hydrology and watershed management. The incumbent will be expected to serve as the day-to-day supervisor for the unit’s water quality laboratory. Supervision requires a basic understanding of inorganic chemistry and standard laboratory procedures. The scientist also is expected to assist with laboratory operations under periods of heavy sample loads or when primary laboratory staff are on leave.

The incumbent also has the opportunity to continue the unit’s contributions to the US Forest Service’s National Best Management Practice (BMP) Program, particularly the monitoring portion of that program. This work requires developing a thorough understanding of the monitoring protocols to provide assistance to National Forest System personnel during annual monitoring, assisting with national training and development of training materials, and assisting with or leading the preparation and publication of monitoring reports. The unit’s Natural Resource Specialist is one of the National BMP Program leaders and will provide assistance to the incumbent in issues related to this research related assignment.

This position is permanent, full-time, and may be eligible for telework and other flexible work arrangements, but it is not a virtual position. Government housing is not available.

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