NAUFRP General Policy Information

The National Association of University Forestry Resources Programs (NAUFRP) has a mission to advocate and advance excellence in forest resource education, research and outreach, and seeks to be an objective and credible source of scientific knowledge about forest resources and a forum for discussion of policies and issues. NAUFRP will strive to provide information in response to the public's need to understand forest resource management. As part of the mission to provide objective information to the public, the Executive Committee will represent the NAUFRP membership on matters of forest resources issues and policies. The national Policy Committee is charged with identifying and initiating NAUFRP positions on emerging and current forest resource issues and policies of importance to the organization as a whole.

The major responsibilities of the National Policy Committee will be to (1) track national issues, (2) identify and prioritize key issues, and, (3) develop position statements for, and at the request, of the Executive Committee.

The Policy Committee consists of the National Policy Chair and the appointed Policy
Chairs of each NAUFRP Region. The National Legislative Chair will serve in an ex officio capacity.

  1. The definition of an of this process shall be one that is "a matter related to forest resources, is of sufficient breadth in its impact or influence to affect a majority of NAUFRP members, and is related to some aspect of NAUFRP's capability to provide leadership in research, education and outreach."

  2. Generally, NAUFRP will promote the development of position statements that:
    1. enhance and improve the quality and effectiveness of education in forest resources and related natural resource disciplines,
    2. promote and strengthen forest resources research and technology development,
    3. promote and encourage minorities to seek professional forest resources careers,
    4. promote and encourage international cooperation in forest resources education, research and outreach, and
    5. promote increased public understanding of forest resources management, conservation and forest-related issues.

  3. The identification of an issue or policy that should be considered for a NAUFRP position statement can be brought to the attention of the Policy Committee by one of several avenues:
    1. Members of the Executive Committee can request that the Policy Committee examine an issue or policy.
    2. The National Policy Chair, or members of the National Policy Committee can refer an item to the Policy Committee.
    3. The designated representative of a NAUFRP member organization can refer an item to any member of the Policy Committee.

  4. Once an item is referred to the Policy Committee, the committee will confer and conduct a preliminary review of the item, first determining if it is an appropriate issue for consideration by NAUFRP as defined above. If an issue is considered of only local or regional interest, it shall be referred to the appropriate NAUFRP Regional Chair for further consideration. If an issue is appropriate to consider for a national position statement, the Policy Committee will prepare a critique on the issue, seeking outside assistance as appropriate, and prepare a written report for submission to the Executive Committee. At the next meeting of the Executive Committee, and following the submission of the written report, the Policy Chair, on behalf of the Policy Committee, will present a recommendation for action to the Executive Committee.

  5. The Executive Committee will decide if the position statement should be developed and finalized, and determine the most appropriate means of dissemination of the policy statement.