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Janaki Alavalapati, President-Elect (Auburn University), David Newman, President (SUNY), Keith Belli, Immediate Past President (Clemson University)

Executive Committee

President –David Newman, State University of New York
Immediate Past President РKeith Belli, Clemson University
President-Elect – Janaki Alavalapati, Auburn University
Secretary/Treasurer – Katy Kavanagh, Texas A&M University
1890’s Representative – Alton Thompson, Association of Research Directors of 1890 Land Grant Universities


Keith Gilless, University of California, Berkeley


National Committee Chairs

Photo March 2019 (First Row, left to right) Keith Gilless, At-Large, (Univ. of California-Berkeley); Randy Nuckolls, NAUFRP General Counsel; Phil Tappe, former At-Large, (Univ. of Arkansas) (Second Row, left to right) Janaki Alavalapati, President-Elect (Auburn Univ.); Katy Kavanagh, Secretary-Treasurer (Oregon State Univ.); Dale Greene, Policy Chair (Univ. of Georgia); David Newman, President (SUNY); Mary Watzin, Ad-Hoc Communications Chair (North Carolina State Univ.); Terri Bates, NAUFRP Executive Liaison; Dennis Becker (Univ. of Idaho); (Back Row, left to right) Hans Williams, Southern Chair (Stephen F. Austin State Univ.); Steve Shaler, International Chair (Univ. of Maine); Robert Burns, Northeast Chair (West Virginia Univ.); Andrew Storer, Education Chair (Michigan Tech Univ.); Keith Belli, Immediate Past-President (Clemson Univ.); John Hayes, BAC and APLU Board of Natural Resources Representative (Colorado State Univ.); Mark Rickenbach, North Central Chair (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Adrian Leighton, Diversity Chair (Salish Kootenai College); Kamran Abdollahi, former Diversity Chair (Southern Univ.); Bob Wagner, At-Large (Purdue Univ.); Jeff Stringer, Extension Chair (Univ. of Kentucky); Red Baker, Research Chair (Univ. of Florida); Linda Nagel, Western Chair (Colorado State Univ.)

Diversity Committee Chair – Adrian Leighton, Salish Kootenai College
Research Committee Chair –Bob Wagner, Purdue University
Policy Committee Chair – Dale Greene, University of Georgia
Education Committee Chair – Andrew Storer, Michigan Tech University
International Committee Chair – Stephen Shaler, University of Maine
Extension Committee Chair – Jeff Stringer, University of Kentucky
Communications Committee Chair Р Terrell (Red) Baker, University of Florida

Regional Chairs

Northeast Region Chair – Robert C. Burns, West Virginia University
North Central Region Chair –Rich Kobe, Michigan State University
Southern Region Chair – Hans Williams, Stephen F. Austin State University
Southern Region Web site
Western Region Chair – Charles Goebel, University of Idaho

BNR/BAC RepresentativeLinda M. Nagel, Colorado State University

NAUFRP Washington Counsel – Randy Nuckolls

NAUFRP Executive LiaisonTerri Bates

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