(First Row, left to right) Keith Gilless, At-Large, (Univ. of California-Berkeley); Randy Nuckolls, NAUFRP General Counsel; Phil Tappe, former At-Large, (Univ. of Arkansas)
(Second Row, left to right) Janaki Alavalapati, President-Elect (Auburn Univ.); Katy Kavanagh, Secretary-Treasurer (Oregon State Univ.); Dale Greene, Policy Chair (Univ. of Georgia); David Newman, President (SUNY); Mary Watzin, Ad-Hoc Communications Chair (North Carolina State Univ.); Terri Bates, NAUFRP Executive Liaison; Dennis Becker (Univ. of Idaho);
(Back Row, left to right) Hans Williams, Southern Chair (Stephen F. Austin State Univ.); Steve Shaler, International Chair (Univ. of Maine); Robert Burns, Northeast Chair (West Virginia Univ.); Andrew Storer, Education Chair (Michigan Tech Univ.); Keith Belli, Immediate Past-President (Clemson Univ.); John Hayes, BAC and APLU Board of Natural Resources Representative (Colorado State Univ.); Mark Rickenbach, North Central Chair (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Adrian Leighton, Diversity Chair (Salish Kootenai College); Kamran Abdollahi, former Diversity Chair (Southern Univ.); Bob Wagner, At-Large (Purdue Univ.); Jeff Stringer, Extension Chair (Univ. of Kentucky); Red Baker, Research Chair (Univ. of Florida); Linda Nagel, Western Chair (Colorado State Univ.)

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