McIntire-Stennis Communications One Pagers

Over the last year, the NAUFRP Ad Hoc Communications Committee developed a Template that could be used to highlight the accomplishments of the McIntire-Stennis program at your institution with partners and policy makers.  It is also an attempt to create a ‘McIntire-Stennis Brand’ that is identifiable and consistent to profile the importance of this program.  The template is an editable InDesign file and was previewed at last year’s NAUFRP General Assembly meeting in Portland, OR and then provided to you through the NAUFRP listserve by Mary Watzin late last year.  A number of you have effectively used this to personalize and prepare your institution’s stories in a concise one-page format.   We are asking you to bring those to this year’s meeting in Louisville, KY on October 30th and also to forward copies to Randy Nuckolls and Terri Bates if you have not done so already.  All institutions are urged to do this.   If needed we can provide the following:

  • The McIntire-Stennis template as an editable InDesign file
  • The McIntire-Stennis template as a PDF for reference
  • Directions for how to use the McIntire-Stennis template
  • An example of a completed template on North Carolina State University’s Tree Improvement Program

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