The Policy Committee is primarily concerned with national issues related to forestry legislation and appropriations.  Through the work of this committee we seek to keep our members informed of key developments, to help identify and prioritize key issues, and occasionally to develop formal position statements.  We also work closely with key partners on issues of mutual concern.  Our Policy Committee chair represents NAUFRP on the Forests in the Farm Bill Coalition and the Forest Climate Working Group, and also coordinates with other NAUFRP committee chairs as needed issues that cross committee boundaries (e.g., federal funding for forestry research).  The NAUFRP leadership has supported  the Science Fundamentals of Forest Biomass Carbon Accounting signed by more than 100 university experts in the field, that many in the science community, and the forestry disciplines in particular, strongly believe should underlie U.S. policy considerations for biomass carbon accounting.

Policy Committee Chair – Dale Greene, University of Georgia

Forests in the Farm Bill Coalition Priorities for the 2018 Farm Bill Letter to House Subcommittee Leadership March 16, 2017

Forest in the Farm Bill 2018 Platform released July 2017.

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