Funding Requests


Approved by the Executive Committee
March 3, 2008

NAUFRP has accumulated reserve funds through collection of annual dues and the receipt of grant funds.

Recently, there have been several requests by members and affiliated organizations for use of these funds. Until now, there has been no formal process for requesting funds or considering these requests. This document presents guidelines agreed upon by the Executive Committee of NAUFRP.

  1. All requests for funds should further NAUFRP’s Strategic vision:
    • Educating current and future generations and a diverse workforce about the interdependencies of forests with all natural processes and human influences.
    • Building an ever-improving body of science-based technologies that together with local knowledge contribute to sustaining forest resources and ensuring that they are productive, diverse, and resilient in the face of constant change.
    • Applying conservation and management strategies that meet the dynamic needs of society.
    • Advancing a new social contract that draws people together toward the sustainable management of forests to enhance human well-being, provide needed and desired goods and services, and protect the intrinsic value of forests.
  2. Requests should explicitly describe how the funding will advance NAUFRP vision for the future. Requests should be limited to one page, describe the usage of the requested support, the time frame for usage, indicate the anticipated outcomes, and designate a person and/or institution to receive and administer the funding, including providing oversight and a report on outcomes. Any balances remaining are expected to be returned to NAUFRP.
  3. Funding requests should be submitted to the President through one of the Regional Chairs or another member of the Executive Committee. For full consideration, requests should be communicated at least one month before the next Executive Committee meeting. The Executive Committee, during its annual budget deliberations shall designate a maximum amount of funding that is available for any fiscal year. Funding requests will be considered twice per year, at regularly scheduled Executive Committee meetings. A two-thirds positive vote of the Executive Committee Members present at a regularly scheduled meeting is necessary for a positive decision on a funding request.
  4. Funding for single projects shall not exceed $5,000.
  5. NAUFRP will seek to maintain a budget reserve of $50,000.

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